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I am a solo practitioner focused on the areas of Probate (Decedent Estates & Guardianship), Estate Planning and limited Real Estate as I represent sellers only. I assist individuals in making their transition from this life smoother for the loved ones they leave behind; as well as assisting those left behind to settle their deceased loved ones' affairs with dignity.

I take a personal approach with my clients. I tend to think it is important that people feel listened to and cared for. I personally believe choosing an attorney to represent you has just as much to do with that feeling you get in your gut once you have completed your consultation as much as with the attorney’s qualifications and experience. You are interviewing me and I am interviewing you as well. After that initial consultation, we may decide we are not a good fit to work together; but, it is my hope that you will have still felt listened to and cared for. I am even willing — if able — to refer you on to an attorney which I might think is a more suitable fit for you.

Fees, House Calls, and Client Service Approach

For a nominal fee, I make house calls to the elderly who are sick and shut in and thus unable to meet at my office. Although I am unable to provide free consultations (currently priced at $150.00), I strive to keep my prices affordable and offer fee arrangements for quoted retainers when needed to reach your legal goals. Further, I strive to be efficient with client resources so you do not feel nickel and dimed when my services are completed.

I keep my overhead low and I strive not to take on so large of a caseload that I am rendered unavailable when an existing client needs me. Keeping my legal knowledge base current is important so I attend continuing legal education courses centered primarily on probate and estate planning matters in order to better serve you. I also carve out personal time for self-care which makes me a more focused attorney for you; thus my hours are not traditional and are by appointment only and my practice is limited to Cook County, Illinois.

What started off as a daunting challenge turned out to be a comforting experience because of Attorney Bryant. As a result of my positive experience, I've referred her to many others and all have been pleased.”
– Melody McDowell

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Robinzina (Zina) Bryant

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I was born and raised in Illinois. I submitted to my calling as an estate planning and probate attorney after serving my country as a Special Agent with the FBI for 10 years.

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