Guardianship ensures that there is someone in place to care for your disabled adult loved one’s person and/or property and finances (estate) in the event of his or her incapacitation. Guardianship can also provide for your minor child’s person and/or estate in the event of your incapacitation or death.

One person may be appointed guardian of the person and another as guardian of the estate OR the same person may serve as both and thus be designated as the Plenary Guardian. In regard to minors, there are several variations of guardianships utilized by the court.

To serve as a guardian in the State of Illinois, the court must find that the proposed guardian:

  • Has attained the age of 18
  • Is a resident of the United States
  • Is not of unsound mind
  • Is not an adjudged disabled person
  • Has not been convicted of a felony (with some subjectivity of the judge) but definitely not a felony which involved harm or threat to an elderly or disabled person, including a felony sexual offense

(755 ILCS 5/11a-5a)


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Illinois Guardianship Services

I assist with petitioning the probate court for guardianship in situations where it may be appropriate, to assist either with a person's safety and wellbeing or management of his/her property and finances.

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I welcome you to contact Law at Last, Inc. to speak with me about my how I may be able to assist you with an Illinois guardianship. I work with clients on guardianship matters throughout Cook County, Illinois.

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