Illinois Probate (Decedent Estates)

Probate is the first step in the legal process of taking care of your deceased loved one's affairs. In Cook County, Illinois, probate court is held in the Richard J. Daley Center located at 50 W. Washington Street, Chicago, Illinois 60602.

In probate court, a determination will be made if your loved one’s Last Will and Testament (if one exists) is valid and if ruled valid, the named Executor will be appointed. If no will exists or the existing will is ruled invalid, your loved one’s estate will be governed by Illinois intestacy laws and the court will appoint an Administrator. Both the executor and administrator will resolve all claims filed against the estate, and oversee the distribution of the decedent’s (your loved one's) remaining assets.

The length of probate can take from six months to several years depending on the complexity of the estate.

In the event your loved one’s estate does not require probate (if there is no real estate and the estate is valued at under $100,000.00), I will seek to provide services which allow you administer the estate through use of a Small Estate Affidavit, a very economical tool.


The Process of Probating an Estate

The Role of an Executor/Administrator

Illinois Probate Services

Law at Last, Inc. will provide those services that are necessary and appropriate to administer the estate under the law of Illinois, commencing with the preparation of the initial petition for the admission of the Last Will and Testament and your appointment as Executor or Independent Administrator (in the event there is no existing will). The offered services that will then be involved are as follows:

Court Hearings

Appear in court on your behalf for the initial court hearing for your appointment and final hearing for your discharge, and any other court hearings necessary during the administration. It will not be necessary for you to attend these hearings.

Legally Required Notices

Prepare and complete all notices of appointment of you as Executor or Independent Administrator and other notices with respect to creditors as are required by the laws of the State of Illinois and rules of court having jurisdiction of the estate.

Inventory of Estate Assets

Assist you in preparing a complete inventory of all assets of any kind or nature which are subject to probate.

Inventory of Debts / Obligations

Assist you to make a thorough search for all debts, obligations and contingent liabilities of the estate in order to determine the financial condition of the estate and advise you regarding other action which must be taken to secure, reinvest, or protect the assets and provide for the discharge of liabilities.

Record of Estate Transactions

Assist you in maintaining a complete and accurate record of all transactions made by the estate.


Prepare and complete all interim reports to the probate court and the beneficiaries as required during the course of administration of the estate.


If necessary, assist you in preparing a final account reflecting all receipts, disbursements, and proposed distribution of assets held in the estate, either outright or to separate continuing trusts, for the beneficiaries.

Closing & Discharge

Prepare all reports, notices, consents, receipts, and waivers for signature of the beneficiaries and present all forms to the court for closing the estate and your discharge as Executor or Independent Administrator.

Counsel & Advice

Counsel and advise you on any related questions or matters arising out of the administration of the estate.

For More Information on Illinois Probate Services

I welcome you to contact Law at Last, Inc. to speak with me about my probate services and how I may be able to assist you. I handle estate administration throughout Cook County, Illinois.

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