When my father died and I was named Executrix, I felt overwhelmed and clueless. Then, a trusted friend recommended Attorney Zina Bryant to me.

Suddenly, my worries were over and I was out of panic mode. Zina handled every aspect of the estate. She was efficient, thorough, knowledgeable, customer-service oriented, timely, professional and reassuring. She took care of all the legal nuances of the estate, including gaining all approvals from the heirs, filling out all legal forms required and running interference when unexpected issues arose.

Through it all, she was sensitive to the fact that I'd lost my Dad and the grief I was enduring. What started off as a daunting challenge turned out to be a comforting experience because of Attorney Bryant. As a result of my positive experience, I've referred her to many others and all have been pleased. She remains on my speed dial as my attorney of choice for all matters related to trusts as well as other legal issues.

– Melody McDowell

My Family has had the pleasure of working with Attorney Robinzina Bryant for approximately 9 years. We (myself and my late husband) were immediately impressed with her Knowledge of Estate Planning and Probate Law Issues. She initially educated us on the importance of having your personal and family affairs in order while you are in good health being able to make your wishes known in writing. She assisted us in preparing our Revocable Living Trust, as well as our Finance and Healthcare Powers of Attorney.

Over the years, we have personally recommended Attorney Bryant to our friends and family in need of these services. When my husband died, she was available and assisted in navigating what needed to be done and afforded me peace of mind during an overwhelming time. She truly operates her business with integrity and professionalism.

– Ms. Saundra Lightfoot

We have been especially pleased with the counsel Attorney Robinzina Bryant has provided to us and our family members. She has given thorough and sound advice in estate planning and other issues. Attorney Bryant was very competent, knowledgeable and responsive. She really took the time to understand our wishes.

In turn, she worked closely with us to help us understand and navigate the complexities of developing an estate plan that incorporated our wishes for the future. We were well-informed of our options and felt we were working with a caring and trustworthy professional. We highly recommend Attorney Robinzina Bryant.

– Andy and Rita Nash

Attorney Zina Bryant has a genuine love for her profession of probate and estate planning. She was understandable and able to explain the law in a way that was easily understood by me. Attorney Bryant approached my planning in a reflective and effective way that built a strategy based on my personal values and goals. Because of our attorney client relationship, my experience with Attorney Bryant has left me and my family with an inner peace that my affairs will be handled according to my wishes if I become incapacitated. I feel that I have received value for my attorney's services that are priceless.

– Joe Spivey

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Attorney Robinzina Bryant for 30 years, and she’s a person of great character. There are different types of business professionals. Thus, doing business with a legal professional who is honest, fair, and trustworthy is priceless.

I trust Attorney Robinzina Bryant and Law at Last to handle all of my important legal affairs with the highest level of integrity. In fact, I’ve used Law at Last services on multiple occasions over the past eight years. I was very pleased with the results and the services. The high level of professionalism and expertise subject matter has been a blessing to my family and friends.

Additionally, Attorney Bryant does volunteer legal work for different organizations, which demonstrates her passion to serve and give back to the local community.

Any attorney or law firm can draft up legal documents, but not every law office will represent you with such passion, zeal and knowledge as Attorney Bryant. They may all hold a law degree and have been licensed to practice law in the state of Illinois but remember they’re not all equal in terms of customer service or practices.

Law at Last services are reasonably priced, and Attorney Bryant has always gone above and beyond to deliver five-star services. Most importantly, hiring the right attorney to handle your personal affairs is an important decision, which is why it’s imperative to hire someone who is not only competent but trustworthy. I recommend attorney Robinzina Bryant without reservation.

– Beverly A. Falls

Robinzina (Zina) Bryant

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I was born and raised in Illinois. I submitted to my calling as an estate planning and probate attorney after serving my country as a Special Agent with the FBI for 10 years.

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