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An event that occurred during the period of incapacitation discussed in my website profile planted the seed for this work I now engage in — and also birthed my company tagline, Get a Plan for your Life®.

I was undergoing a surgery and I coded on the operating table. The surgeon and team performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for 20 minutes but were unsuccessful in bringing me back. They then shocked me three (3) times with electric paddles, but still without success. At this point they chose to cover me with ice and induce therapeutic hypothermia. I have never enjoyed the cold and this successfully did the trick. Although I have no memory of it, my medical team at the University of Chicago advised I began to pull the ice packs off myself.

Later, awaking incubated and being advised of what happened, I realized I had no will in place. I had no plan in place. Had I died on that operating table, I would have left my daughter grieving both my death and my lack of planning. I subsequently realized that there were surely others (even more attorneys) who needed estate planning and eventual probate services. I could definitely — now more than ever — communicate the importance and necessity of having such in place. This event planted the seed that grew into Law at Last.

The name Law at Last has a story as well. I initially had no interest in attending law school. Before my mother passed away and I became a parent (to my much younger sister) as a result, I had my heart set on earning my PhD in Education. Life events led me to law school but I never intended to actually practice; albeit I recognized that having a law degree provided professional options. I eventually took the bar exam because I concluded it would be a waste of three years of study not to — and it legitimized my time investment. When my time as a Special Agent with the FBI came to an end and I was forced to reinvent myself professionally, I could dodge the law no longer and thus I gratefully submitted to my calling practicing the law at last.

I have continued to do this because it is rewarding and necessary work. To be able to simplify an intricate process, be a calming presence in the midst of life’s chaos, provide direction and a plan to reach a goal seeming so far away, to bring hope when it seems out of reach, and to provide peace of mind that all will be well … this is enough to get me out of bed every day because what I do matters and it is life changing.


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Robinzina (Zina) Bryant

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I was born and raised in Illinois. I submitted to my calling as an estate planning and probate attorney after serving my country as a Special Agent with the FBI for 10 years.

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